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Kartpol Group key quality policy foundations are:
qualified personnel, customers partnership and constant technological development.

The production is based on modern German and Swiss technology, using the most qualitative raw materials, meeting the most restrictive quality criteria. The products are compliant with UE 2002/72/EC and 2004/12/WE Directives. The process itself is controlled both, in production and ready product assessment stages.


In 2001 we received the prize for the Author of the Most Recognised Event in Wołomin for important investments made in the commune. The prize founder is the Mayor of Wołomin and the Wołomin's Friends Society. In 2011 the company received its sixth Business Gazelle, the prize for the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises. In the same year we were honoured with a title of Wołomin Poviat Business Leader, confirming our position in the region.


Our ISO 9001:2015-10 quality certificate received in 2016 proves our products to meet the European standards and the production to be carried out according to the occupational, local community and environment safety protection norms.


In terms of the environment protection, the company implements the following activities:

  • selective, environment friendly waste management policy
  • machine park modernisation in order to decrease waste generation
  • closed and clean production cycle makes ISO 14001 policy irrelevant
  • ensuring the production processes compliance with valid environment legislation

16 YEARS IN THE MARKET – brief company history

Kartpol Group was founded in 1996 as a private company of complete Polish capital, as a response to growing demand for silicones, acrylic and other sealing materials packing used in the construction business.

After its activity start, the company was the only manufacturer of such packing in Poland, which gave it a rooted position in the national market. Our first customers were: Anser, Lakma, Selena and few companies from Hungary and Czech Republic. From the beginning of its production process, the company used the most modern German and Swiss technologies, making its products quality the utmost priority.
In 1998 the development started to accelerate. The company found appreciation of growing number of its Polish and European customers. Increasing demand made possible investments in new production line which helped meet requirements concerning the produced packing. Strong position in Poland enabled the company new perspectives in export. High quality and competitive prices brought it new customers from Germany, Russia, Estonia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Sweden.

Being a private partnership till then, the company had some limits in further development. This made the founders create Kartpol Group Sp. z o.o. in 1999, the shareholders of which were the former private partnership partners, changing its form to the limited liability company, active till today.

The dynamic company growth enabled acquisition of 1.5 ha of land, and in 2001 the company moved from rented premises to its own site in Wołomin n/Warsaw, where it has operated till present time. The following years became the period of grand investments in technology and infrastructure. Their results were gaining and strengthening Kartpol Group domination in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The turnover growth dynamism is a perfect reflection of the company development, as from its establishment till the 3rd quarter of 2003 it reached 630%. As a result of its development in 2010 the company launched its new production line increasing its capacity by 30%.

The organisation and investment activities, experience gained and quality of products and customer service opened the company door to the club of the most prestigious European suppliers of i.e.: Henkel, Den Braven, Krimelte, Soudal.

WIn September 2010 indexed in the stock exchange, leading manufacturer of plastic packing and car accessories Suwary S.A., took over the majority package of Kartpol Group. Suwary S.A. is controlled by Wentworth capital group, a producer of plastic packing from Canada. Wentworth group supplies its products to over 70 countries of the world. Its revenues in 2010 reached 400 million PLN. The synergy is going to broaden Suwary S.A. portfolio providing it with a wide range of operational opportunities, which should considerably influence both enterprises' further development. Being a beneficiary of the Innovative Economy European Programme will be a stimulator for future investments, aimed at increasing production and meeting market demand. Today, Kartpol Group is a part of the circle of the four major European manufacturers of complete silicones and sealing materials packing.